To date i have worked with the following acts;

James Grant (Love and Money), Bags of Rock, Sarah Cassidy, The Red Hot Chilli Pipers, Rudy Alba, The Haze, PM Music, Hireaband (various managed acts), Manta, The Rhythmic State, The Ted McKenna Band, The Henchmen, Zero Hour, Strange-Bru, EK Decay, The Modests, L.A.B.S, Marj Massie, Archangel, The Jack Dames, Running on Empty, A.W.O.L., The Chicken Sticks, Gary Deejay Marshalls, The Hi-Hats, Jocelyn Wallace, Max Scyther, Raymond Gallagher, Jasy Conn, Gerry Mcalpine, Andrea Dickinson, Chris Judge, Madaleine Pritchard, Astronomous, Slang T, James Connor, Jeye T, Soloasis, Marina Kelman, Verbalise, Stoneface, Daz Murka, The Rolling Drones, Soundcradle, The G12 group, Robert Carmichael, John Gray, Sidcecar, John Grassom, Elaine Botes, Kevin Nash, Viara, In The Crowd, Dollhouse Burlesque, David Lewis, Lucia Wright, The Great Divide, George Gibson, Colin Smith, Paul Scott, James Henderson, The Heathen Club, Reely Jiggered, El Capitano, The Apparells, Stranded in Memphis, Steven Barclay, Empathy, Major Tom, Michael Hastie, Real Easy, Grand Central, John Pears, Soul-Fi, Jim McGregor, The Excuse, Veins of Venom, Ramage Inc., Victoria’s Flight, The Stumblers, The Empathy, Midnight Hour, Susie Broadbent, Stuart Parmley, One Night Stand, The Trend, Johnny Strain, The Bag Rockers, Brian Kelly, Movie Tribute, Colin Smith, Lanterns, The Denmakers, Gurpreet Singh, Gwen Mairi, Stevie Lawrence, Stereo 7, Super Deluxe, Ryan Hawthorne, Alison Durie, Pylon, Heavy Feather,  Used Blues, Rosanna O'Byrne, Mister Tee, David McNeill, The Hanging Vines, Emma Cowie, Silvana Puddinu, Davy Kettyles, Jim Smart, The Patryns, Beluga Lagoon, Hotknife, Paul Rasmussen, Ryan the opera guy, Gerry Kelleher, The Funk Tones, Craig Eddie, In Stations, Natasha Boyd, House of Lairds, Gordon Yulie, Lina Grueva, Charan Gill, The Trueloves,  Stevie Mceleny,  Steven Mclaughlin, Renegades, Tommy McMullen, John Sage, SHEB, Richie Hagan, and many, many more !