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                                                                 "You sing, i'll do the rest!"

                                                                            VIDEO HERE

        Ever wanted a band to record YOUR songs? Then look no further than the HQ for all your recording requirements at a price that can’t be beaten.

       The HQ Engineer ‘G-man’ has made a living as a professional multi-instrumentalist session musician as well as a recording engineer since the late 90′s and is able to add Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keys, Percussion, Harmonica and Backing Vocals to your tracks, thus creating the perfect ‘Virtual Band’. This will save you a fortune on the hiring of other musicians and can all be created within the usual HQ prices as listed on the home page.

      To create the ‘virtual band’ a good estimate would be 1 to 2 sessions (7 hours each) depending on no of instruments/ overdubs/ layers required to arrange, record, mix and master 1 track to a professional ‘release quality’ level.

     As a songwriter (in various styles) himself,  G-man is also able to advise/ collaborate on arrangements no matter what your style of music and is able to advise (and has a great deal of experience) on getting your music ‘out there’ by the many channels now offered to independent musicians, he can also assist you in getting gigs, social media/ online media advice.

So what’s  stopping you? Get the polished professional band sound you’ve been looking for without waiting on the other guys showing up 

   Audio examples of the ‘Virtual’ band HERE….


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